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Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach County
P.O. Box 3715
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3715

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A transaction notice is emailed after an online payment is completed. This email indicates a pending payment. Allow 5-10 business days for processing.

For discount purposes, payments are considered received on the date your online payment is submitted, until 11:59 p.m. EST.

Property Tax Phone:


Constitutional Tax Collector
Serving Palm Beach County
P.O. Box 3353
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353

Make payments to: Tax Collector, PBC


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Pay these taxes online.


  • Property Tax
    • November 1 - March 31
    • Installment Payments (June, September, December, March)
  • Local Business Tax
  • Tangible Personal Property Taxes

Delinquent Taxes (Pay Anytime)

  • Local Business Tax
  • Tangible Personal Property Taxes


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No usernames or passwords. We offer safe, secure transactions. Make multiple transactions in one payment.

  1. Search by Property Control Number (PCN) (use dashes), owner name, business name, Local Business Tax Receipt Number, business name, account number or mailing address
  2. Select the Property Control, Local Business Tax Receipt or Account Number to add to cart.
  3. Pay by eCheck (Free - no vendor fees apply), credit or debit card (vendor fees apply)

Reduce ePay Error

• Double-check your routing and account numbers. Many banks have different routing numbers for electronic payments and paper transactions.

• Don’t click the pay button more than once.

• Make sure your email address is correct.

• After payment, check your spam folder if you did not receive your transaction notice.


Make multiple transactions in one payment

• Search and select the first Property Control Number (PCN)/business tax receipt number/account number

• Add the first selection to the shopping cart

• Repeat this process for all other properties/businesses/accounts

• Pay when all your selections are complete

More ePay Tips

• The orange shopping cart is in the upper right area of the screen after selection of search item(s)

• Information about credit card convenience fees can be found in FAQs

eCheck Payments

eCheck is FREE! View/print eCheck payment instructions. 

Many banks have different routing numbers for electronic payments and paper transactions. Confirm the correct routing number with your bank.

Credit Card Payments

Convenience fees are applied to each transaction ($2.00 minimum fee). Fees are collected by the credit card vendor and are not retained by the Tax Collector’s office. View/print credit card payment instructions.

Debit Card Payments

The debit card payment limit is $500. A flat convenience fee of $2.50 is applied to each debit card transaction. Debit payments are only available at Tax Collector service centers.

Wire Transfer Payments

To make a property tax payment by wire, email for specific instructions.

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